Using SteamVR controllers

  • This step is optional, and only applies if you are using the XTAL headset with Lighthouse tracking and controllers
    • for more information about tracking setup see the Lighthouse/SteamVR section
    • you’ll need two additional SteamVR wireless dongles to be able to pair the controllers with SteamVR
  • Drag and drop Assets/vrgineers/Controllers.prefab object from Project window into the Hierarchy window of your project
  • Import a 3D object which will represent the SteamVR controller
  • Make the 3D object a child of ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ Game Object (found under Controllers), so it’s movement will directly correspond to the controller movement
  • Use the Vrg_SteamVR_Controller class and its functions to check the state of the controller buttons and trackpad, and to interact with them in your scripts
  • To be able to properly use the controller actions, make sure that you have the ‘Force legacy input API’ option enabled in the XTAL runtime settings

This page was last modified on March 21st, 2023 at 12:08

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