Camera setup

  • We recommend using the highest available camera frequency for best usage in Virtual Reality
    • Open ‘Hardware‘-’Cameras’ window, and change ‘Camera mode’ to the highest frequency for all of your ART cameras
  • You should also make sure to use the highest available Synccard frequency
    • Open ‘Hardware’-’Synccard’ window, and change the supported Synccard mode to the highest internal generated signal
  • Adjust the flash intensity for all cameras according to the used tracker
    • Use low values for active clipon/markers
    • Use high values for passive clipon/target/markers
  • If you’ll be using an active clipon for XTAL, we also recommend setting the ‘modulated flash’ option (in ‘Hardware‘-’Cameras’ window) for the ART camera which has the best visibility of your tracking space

This page was last modified on March 7th, 2023 at 12:20

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