With the XTAL headset you are able to use several different tracking options:

  • Internal IMU sensor
    • 3DoF tracking
    • no additional cameras/sensors needed
  • Lighthouse/SteamVR
    • 6DoF room-scale tracking
    • you’ll need the Lighthouse base stations (v2.0 or v1.0 is supported)
  • ART
    • 6 DoF room-scale tracking
    • you’ll need a compatible ART tracking system and software
  • OptiTrack
    • 6DoF room-scale tracking
    • you’ll need compatible OptiTrack tracking system and software
  • VrgInsideOut
    • custom Vrgineers inside out 6DoF tracking
    • only available for XTAL 3 headsets equipped with the optional inside out tracking module [currently in development]
  • Other compatible tracking systems
    • Vicon
    • MoSys
    • Antilatency
    • Polhemus
    • contact us through the help form for more information about these tracking systems and setup details

Active tracking syste can be switched in the XTAL tray icon menu, while a compatible VR application/demo is running, or it can be set directly in the SDK. Other tracking related options are also available in the Tracking page of the XTAL runtime settings menu.


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