The AutoIPD system ensures that the Interpupillary distance (IPD) will be properly set for each individual user. The position of users’ eyes is measured by internal cameras during a short calibration process, and the distance between each lens and the center of the headset is set independently (i.e., the PD values don’t always have to be symmetrical).

The IPD can also be changed manually on the Eyes page of the XTAL runtime settings menu. There are separate sliders for left and right PD, each can be set in range 28 – 37 mm (56 – 74 mm total IPD). For XTAL3 headsets the physical range of lens movement is only 30 – 37 mm per eye (60 – 74 mm total IPD), but you can still use the full slider range – any PD values between 28 and 30 mm are compensated by additional software algorithms

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