The VRG OpenXR driver allows using any OpenXR compatible application with XTAL headsets directly, without any need for additional third-party software. Follow these steps to install and setup the VRG OpenXR runtime:

  • Start the VR Tool service application
  • If the OpenXR runtime wasn’t installed during the VR Tool setup wizard, you can do it manually:
    • Click on Installer page in the left menu
    • Click on ‘Install’ button in the OpenXR runtime section
    • If the runtime was installed successfully the ‘Install’ button will be hidden, and you will be able to enable/disable the runtime
  • Go to Settings tab
    • Make sure that the VRG runtime is installed and updated
    • Make sure that the SteamVR driver is disabled
    • Make sure that the OpenXR runtime is enabled
    • Make sure that the display mode is set to Direct Mode
  • Start any compatible OpenXR application
    • you can use for example the OpenXR Test Demo, available in the OpenXR folder
  • Notes
    • VRG OpenXR runtime is not currently compatible with Unreal Engine 5.2 and 5.3, this compatibility issue will be fixed in upcoming VRG OpenXR patch update
    • If you are using Ultraleap runtime 5.7. or newer, make sure to disable ‘OpenXR Support’ in Ultraleap Control Panel. VRG OpenXR runtime implements custom hand tracking extension which is not compatible with Ultraleap generic OpenXR support. If both are active it can cause unexpected crashes in some OpenXR applications.

This page was last modified on October 11th, 2023 at 10:56

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