Recommended settings

  • Start DCS World
    • It is recommended to do this first without the VR shortcut, so the menus will be more easily accessible
  • Go to Options menu
  • Click on SYSTEM submenu
    • Similar to the XTAL resolution settings – set these options according to the used GPU/CPU and your desired FPS
    • We recommend following settings:
      • Anti-Aliasing – MSAA 2x
      • Textures – High
      • Terrain Textures – High
      • Shadows – Flat Only
      • Visib Range – Medium
      • Civ. Traffic – Medium
      • Clouds – Standard
      • Water – Medium
  • Click on CONTROLS submenu
    • Set shortcut for UI Layer – ‘recenter VR Headset’ so you can use it easily when starting the flight in VR
      • If you are using a Joystick setup, it is also recommended to set the ‘recenter VR Headset’ for one of the Joystick buttons
  • Click on VR submenu
    • Make sure that ‘Enable Virtual Reality Headset’ option is checked
    • Make sure that ‘Use Mouse’ option is checked
      • This will ensure that you can easily operate the application menus in VR mode

This page was last modified on February 13th, 2024 at 15:03

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