SteamVR driver

The XTAL headset is directly compatible with any SteamVR application, after installation of the Vrgineers SteamVR driver:

  • If the SteamVR driver wasn’t installed during the VR Tool setup wizard, you can do it manually:
    • Make sure that Steam and SteamVR are closed
    • Start the VR Tool service application
    • Click on Installer page in the left menu
    • Click on ‘Install’ button in the SteamVR section
    • If the driver was installed successfully the ‘Install’ button will be hidden, and you will be able to enable/disable the driver
  • Click on the Enabled button in the SteamVR section to enable the driver
    • you can also do this from the Settings page of VR Tool
  • Start SteamVR – you should see the XTAL headset icon in SteamVR window, and the SteamVR content will be displayed inside the headset
  • SteamVR applications will work with any XTAL tracking options (configurable through the XTAL tray icon)        
    • if the XTAL headset is equipped with Lighthouse tracking clipon/tracker, SteamVR will automatically use the Lighthouse tracking option (if you want to use different tracking instead, make sure to unplug the Lighthouse tracking clipon/tracker from the headset)
  • If the application is based on interactions through HTC Vive controllers, you’ll need to use XTAL headset with Lighthouse/SteamVR tracking, and two additional wireless dongles to connect the controllers (please follow the detailed guide about Lighthouse/SteamVR tracking setup on the Lighthouse/SteamVR page)
  • SteamVR Room Setup
    • if you’ll be using the Lighthouse/SteamVR tracking with controllers, you can use the standard ‘Room-scale’ Room Setup
    • if you’ll be using different tracking option, you’ll need to use the ‘Standing only’ SteamVR Room Setup
  • If the headset icon isn’t visible in SteamVR, make sure that you have the SteamVR driver enabled in VR Tool Settings and restart SteamVR

This page was last modified on June 19th, 2023 at 10:32

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