MR module window

The Mixed Reality (MR) module window enables users to connect, manage, and broadcast their MR experience. If your MR camera is properly connected, you should see three sections:
1. Connection
2. Firmware
3. Broadcast Setup
If not connected, you will only see the connection section.


  • The Connection section checks the connection between your computer and the MR module’s cameras.
  • If you have MR module v3 or newer, you can test the connection using the button “Test connection”.
    • The result of the test will be displayed in separate message box window.
    • You will be offered to save the report of the test as well.


  • The Firmware section allows you to manage firmware running on your MR module.
  • This includes uploading or downloading new firmware versions to ensure optimal performance and introduce new features or fixes.

Broadcast Setup

  • The Broadcast Setup section enables you to configure the settings for broadcasting your MR experiences.
  • This includes selecting the broadcast hardware, resolution, bitrate, and other settings.
  • To check configuration, you can click on “Preview” button.
  • To start broadcasting, click on “Start Broadcast”.
  • You can stop the broadcast at any time by clicking “Stop Broadcast” (this button will appear only after the broadcast is started).

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