Profile section of the XTAL runtime settings menu can be used to switch to a Custom profile and change FOV values and other image settings. Use the ‘Reset to default’ button to reset Custom profile to original values

  • Vertical FOV
    • sets the vertical field of view
  • Horizontal FOV inner
    • sets the horizontal field of view on the inner part (between the center and nose)
  • Horizontal FOV peripheral
    • sets the horizontal field of view on the peripheral part (between the center and outer edge)
  • Eye relief offset
    • sets the distance offset between the lens and the eye (for most users the 0mm value will work the best)
  • Eye to lens offset
    • sets the horizontal offset between measured (or manual) PD and the physical lens position [for example: if this option is set to 3mm the lenses will be physically set 3mm closer to the center than the measured PD value]
  • Minimum lens distance
    • sets the minimum physical lenses position while using the ‘Eye to lens offset’ [the lenses will not move closer than the set value]
  • Canted rendering
    • activates canted (non-parallel) rendering
    • make sure to restart the application after changing this option
    • canted rendering will only work correctly in applications that support non-parallel cameras
  • Image adjustment
    • allows user to change image brightness, contrast, and gamma values
    • gamma is measured as a multiple of standard gamma value used in the application
  • Color correction
    • only available for XTAL 8K headsets
    • use this checkbox to switch between two predefined color spaces to achieve better color visuals for specific VR applications
  • Force HDCP re-initialization on startup
    • use this option if you see any issues with HDCP initialization, which would most often manifest by the headset displays randomly turning off even if the headset is in use

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