XTAL runtime settings

The XTAL runtime settings menu is accessible either through the VR Tool app or through the XTAL tray icon, so it can be accessed anytime when any XTAL compatible application is running.

It contains the following pages:

  • Rendering
    • contains resolution, upscaling, and virtual 3D menu related options
  • VR view
    • can be used to visualize a separate VR view window, and set its options
  • Tracking
    • contains all settings for currently selected tracking system
  • Profile
    • can be used to switch to a Custom profile and change FOV values and other image settings
  • Eyes
    • contains all IPD and eye tracking related options
  • Hands
    • can be used to visualize a virtual model of tracked hands
    • only available for XTAL headsets with embedded UltraLeap hand tracking sensor
  • Mixed reality
    • contains all mixed reality related options (only available for XTAL MR headsets)

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