Main Menu

  • When DuplexPlayer starts, you will see the main menu view on the computer screen, and at the same time a preview image will be shown on the headset displays (along with a control menu if Ultraleap / Leap Motion sensor is present and if the hands are detected).
  • ‘Previous’ & ‘Next’
    • use these buttons to switch between scenes – you can also click on the scene select indicator on the top of the preview image
  • ‘Close’
    • use this button to close the DuplexPlayer application
  • ‘Play’
    • use this button to play the scene – the scene will be loaded and displayed on the main screen and on the headset displays
  • ‘Reset IMU’
    • use this button to recalibrate the IMU sensor (make sure that the headset is stable and preferably located on a leveled surface before starting the recalibration)
  • ‘Add File’
    • use this button to load a new scene (image or video) – see the ‘Adding new scene’ section
  • ‘Delete File’
    • use this button to delete the currently selected scene
  • ‘Live View’
    • show the headset view (preview image with Ultraleap / Leap Motion control menu) on the main screen
  • ‘Auto Eye’
    • use this button to automatically set the IPD (distance between the lenses)
  • ‘Manual IPD’
    • use the +/- buttons to change the position of the lenses manually

This page was last modified on March 16th, 2023 at 14:25

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