Running VR applications

  • Open Motive software and make sure that the cameras are tracking
  • Start the VR software/application
    • for example, you can try the demo applications available in the Demos folder
  • Find the VRG icon in the Windows notification area and right click on it
  • Select ‘Optitrack’ tracking option
  • Click on Settings…
  • Go to Tracking tab
  • Choose ‘OptiTrack IP’ corresponding to the IP address of your Motive server (‘Local Interface’ setting in Motive)
    • This should be set to ‘’ if you are running the VR application on the same computer as the Motive software
  • Choose ‘OptiTrack ID’ corresponding to the ‘Streaming ID’ of the XTAL headset body in Motive ‘Assets’ – ‘Properties’
  • Choose ‘multicast’ or ‘unicast’ according to what is set as ‘Transmission Type’ in Motive ‘Data Streaming’
  • Choose the ‘Local IP’ corresponding to the IP address of your computer (only necessary if you have multiple active network cards)
  • ‘Merge with internal sensor’ option utilizes the internal IMU sensor to achieve better results with 6 DoF tracking systems – we recommend leaving this option checked for most use-cases
  • Origin offset can be used to manually move the tracking origin to fine tune the calibrated position

This page was last modified on March 7th, 2023 at 15:16

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