XTAL LeapMotion prefab

  • The XTAL LeapMotion prefab allows you to easily use XTAL headset along with the integrated LeapMotion controller in your Unity projects
  • Download the Ultraleap Tracking plugin and XTAL LeapMotion prefab
  • Open your Unity project with the imported VRG Unity plugin
  • Import the Ultraleap Tracking plugin package
    • if you encounter ‘SpatialTracking’ compiler errors when importing this package, go to Project Settings and enable the ‘XR Plug-in Management’
  • Import the XTAL LeapMotion package
  • Use the XTAL_LeapMotion prefab instead of the CameraOrigin prefab from the core VRG Unity plugin

This page was last modified on March 21st, 2023 at 12:06

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