XTAL tray icon

In most of the XTAL compatible applications (including all of the applications mentioned below), you’ll be able to use the Settings menu accessible through the XTAL tray icon. This icon can be found in the Windows taskbar notification area (bottom right of the desktop with default configuration), and it looks like this:

If you right-click the XTAL tray icon you will see the main menu:

You can use the context menu to:

  • Start the Auto IPD calibration (‘Auto IPD’)
    • Auto IPD function (automatic eye distance calibration) will be started immediately after clicking the ‘Auto IPD’ or by pressing the autoipd key on the keyboard (‘Scroll Lock’ by default)
    • see How to set the Focus and IPD page for details
  • Change the IPD manually (‘Set IPD manually’)
    • Shows the Eyes page of the XTAL runtime settings menu, with two separate sliders for manually changing the right and left PD values
  • Change the tracking type (‘Tracking’)
    • Select one of the available tracking systems, which will be used to track the position/rotation of the headset
    • Many different tracking options are available (see Tracking page for details)
  • Recalibrate internal IMU sensor (‘Calibrate IMU’)
    • If you are using the ‘Internal’ tracking option, we recommend recalibrating the IMU each time after starting a VR application, to limit the drift of the accelerometers/gyroscope
    • Make sure that the headset is stable (not moving) before resetting the IMU sensor (otherwise the accelerometers will not be calibrated properly, and the tracking can start drifting by itself)
  • Calibrate 6 DoF tracking position (‘Calibrate position’)
    • Sets the tracking origin for 6DoF tracking to the current location of the headset
    • Make sure that the headset is placed on the ground in the middle of the tracked space, before using this option
    • If you want to use standing/seating tracking space only, you can also calibrate the position when the headset is on users’ head (for this calibration mode make sure that the ‘Calibrate relative to ground’ checkbox is unchecked)
  • Reset 6 DoF tracking calibration (‘Reset calibration’)
    • Resets tracking calibration to default values (deletes the tracking origin set previously with ‘Calibrate position’ option)
  • Enable VR View window (‘VR View’)
    • Shows or hides separate VR View window, which contains the final rendered image as it is displayed inside the XTAL headset
    • see VR view page in the XTAL runtime settings menu
  • Switch Night Vision mode (‘Night Vision’)
    • Enable or disable the Night Vision mode, which simulates NVG functionality by changing the color space of images displayed inside the headset
  • Open Settings menu (‘Settings…’)
    • This opens a separate Settings window with additional options
    • See the detailed description in the XTAL runtime settings page

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