You can install VR Tool by running provided or downloaded exe file (available in the VR Tool folder).

You can cancel the installation in any step by pressing the Cancel button. Then continue as described in the Cancelling the installation section.

Step 1. Initialize installation

  • After running the installation file you will see this window:
  • You can continue by pressing Next button or cancel the installation by pressing Cancel.

Step 2. Check for running VR Tool

  • If you see ‘VR Tool‘ in the application list on this window, VR Tool is already installed and running and you have to close it before you continue.
  • If you see ‘No programs that have to be closed are running‘ in the application list on this window, you can continue by pressing Next.

Step 3. Select installation folder

  • In the third step you can select installation folder or you can keep the default folder:
  • You can do that by either selecting the desired folder in the file system by pressing Browse… button or typing the folder path by hand in the corresponding input.
  • The installation wizard also allows you to choose if VR Tool will be installed just for you or for every user on the computer.
  • Then you can continue by pressing Next.

Step 4. Select components

  • The installation wizard allows you to select components that will be installed.
    • VR Tool installation is required.
    • Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is optional, yet recommended. If you do not have any version of this software installed on your computer, VR Tool will not start correctly.

Step 5. Wait for finish

  • The installation process will then commence. This could take up to few seconds.

Step 6. Complete installation

  • VR Tool is now ready. You can close the installation program by pressing Close.

Cancelling the installation

  • By pressing Cancel you cancel the current installation process. Confirmation window will appear:
    • By pressing Yes you will confirm the cancel and exit the installation process.
    • By pressing No you will return to the previous window and the installation process will continue.

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